Your Magic

Lead design on branding for the Your Magic podcast.


Brand Overview: “Your Magic will be a place for the already woo to indulge their obsessions, and a safe place for the woo-curious to get their pedicured toes wet. At Your Magic we keep it real. It’s why you trust us, and why you relate so hard to our tough but tender approach to woo. As a part of this new podcast, we’ll show listeners that the mystical arts are neither spooky-scary nor phony-baloney: they are a way to know yourself deeper, a path to mindfulness and self-care, a way to approach the mysteries of this life on planet earth. A way to claim your power, whether you believe in psychic arts or not.” — Michele Tea, Host

Challenge: How can familiar themes (worth, self-care, the mystic, shared community) be leveraged visually in a way that nods to trends and traditions without lacking differentiation?

Above: Master Cover
Below: Core color family with alternates


Solve: With the core intention being to create a word mark and color palette that translates the passionate, fun & bold attitude of Your Magic’s target audience (Femme, roughly 18-34), I focused on keeping a fluidity to the type treatment and a brightness to the palette.

Inspired by hand-drawn serifs seen in traditional magick etchings, I choose to exaggerate slabs to slopes, and translate softer brush strokes to sharp points. To dial up visual dynamism and the leverage the duality of Magick, I combined angular and curvilinear forms— ultimately creating a logo that ebbs & flows between soft slopes and sharp points. Mysterious but approachable.

To left: Early Sketches (unused)