Winter Olympics

Lead design for the marketing of 
USA TODAY’s 2018 Olympics coverage in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Winter Olympics

Challenge: How can we honor the culture of this years Olympic hosts (Pyeongchang, South Korea) while staying true to the USAT brand? 

Solve: By allowing Korean history to directly influence the key art's core aesthetic, we can then create creative boundaries with brand specific fonts and colors.

Inspired by the fluid, gestural nature, of traditional Korean brush calligraphy, the key art for the marketing collateral showcases winter athletes in action, accentuated by a core gesture stroke in similar ink wash as well as the USAT Sports red.

Campaign deliverables alternated focus between athletes of varied gender.

Storyboard Excerpt & Video

Based on the key art, ink-brush figures were created to represent the Olympics most widely followed sports. Created for the Duffy screen in times square, these figures were animated on to mimic the effect of a time-lapse painting.

See the animation below!